Social Media Marketing

How Does Excellent Rank Manage Your Social Media Marketing?

Are you looking to build buzz around your brand? SEO Inc. can create a social media marketing strategy that’s tailor-made to attract customers, gain fans, and get “Likes” for your business. We’ll implement proven practices to create engaging social media content that users will want to see, share, and spread. SEO Inc does more than surpass the competition with SEO, we are also a social media agency, with a robust social media marketing plan. We’ll drive your online brand presence into gear, grow your business.

Since 2010, Excellent Rank has been on the cutting edge of all social platforms, helping brands to find and engage their customers and get results for their business. We'll take a look at your current social media profiles and we'll offer you free 1-to-1 advice on how to improve.

  • Create Buzz & Grow Your Audience
  • Enhance Your Targeting with Social Ads
  • Posting Interesting Content Frequently
  • Hypnotherapy For Motivation Getting The Drive Back

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is what we call the process of optimizing your content and your business for social media. Typically, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes first. This is the process of creating content that has been optimized for some set of keywords that our target audience is looking for.

Excellent Rank is a renowned SMO Company that increases sales by strengthening interaction between the clients and their customers.We Offer the Following Social Media Marketing Services

  • Facebook Marketing

    Facebook offers numerous ways to promote a brand. You can create a group and promote the activities of your business there to engage some genuinely interested people.

  • LinkedIn Marketing

    LinkedIn marketing is significant to get your business recognized as a leader in the respective industry. It gives you the chance to get connected with many potential clients..

  • Twitter Marketing

    Twitter is being used rapidly to drive traffic to the local stores and websites. It shows your brand’s personality and ensures enhanced customer support.

  • Pinterest Marketing

    As PInterest emphasizes on visuals, you can easily showcase your services or products here. In this way, you can turn browsers into buyers.

  • Instagram Marketing

    Just like PInterest, Instagram is also all about images. It enables your prospective customers to interact with your brand. You can use Instagram ads to measure your lead generation

Steps including in SMO process

Step 1

Write Persuasive Content

The only way to generate interest and retain readers’ interest is to make your content engagement-friendly, relevant to your target audience.the goal is maximum user engagement so keep that in mind when crafting together your content.

Step 2

Add Content on a Regular Basis

Make sure to write compelling content that is very relevant to your target audience, released in a timely manner, perhaps even controversial.Set up an editorial calendar for your posts on a weekly basis and build out content

Step 3

Add Media-rich Elements Pages

Visual content that is more engaging, catchy and appealing will always spark more interest with most audiences so don’t be shy about adding in photos, embedded videos and infographics as a part of your content.

Step 4

Make Your Content Easily Shareable

Making sure your content is easily shareable is also very important. This means you need to push out and promote your content on SMO networks whenever you can.It is even more vital to encourage people.

Affordable SMO Packages

Silver Package


  • Social Networks 3
  • Friends in all networks 1200
  • Promotional Postings 800
  • Profile Management 5
  • Chat Discussions
Gold Package


  • Social Networks 4
  • Friends in all networks 1800
  • Promotional Postings 1000
  • Profile Management 6
  • Chat Discussions
Platinum Package


  • Social Networks 5
  • Friends in all networks 2500
  • Promotional Postings 1200
  • Profile Management 7
  • Chat Discussions


When you step into the world of social media, you’ll get people talking about and sharing your products, announcements, and content. Knowing your social media analytics is key to a successful social media campaign. SEO Inc., will track your analytics, assess your social media campaign, and address what the users want. Business in today’s’ age must know how to use social media for a company, or else you could be giving up influential brand recognition to a competitor.

  • Build online communities with loyal users.
  • Gain customer mindshare.
  • Strengthen brand identity.
  • Tracking conversions, likes, and shares.